Following our vision to build a more connected and sustainable community, Madame Lân Restaurant was founded with the mission of sharing the social values within Vietnam’s culinary tradition by delivering fullness in dining experiences.

Our story

Madame Lân was an ordinary Vietnamese woman with an extraordinary love for cooking. She brought up her six children on the crisp vegetables harvested from her garden, the fish and prawns that never ceased to splash around inside baskets lined with bamboo leaves. While the meals she prepared were not lavish, they were carefully seasoned with homegrown aromatic herbs and infused with her passion for Vietnamese cuisine. Her kitchen was always full of laughter and a distinctive aroma that cannot be forgotten.

These memories are the inspiration for the establishment of Madame Lân restaurant. With a mission to honor not only the flavors, but also the social dimension of Vietnam’s culinary tradition, Madame Lân believes a dining experience that exemplifies fullness can bring people together. Fullness is when creativity is paired with a deep respect for the fundamentals of Vietnamese cuisine in order to create new experiences; it is the attentiveness and positive energy that emanates from our servers, as well as the warm atmosphere that helps people connect over a shared meal.

And our journey into depths of Vietnam’s culinary tradition has begun…

Our philosophy

Madame Lân’s philosophy of fullness in dining experiences is inspired by Vietnam’s long-standing culinary tradition – a reflection of the spiritual life and social values of Vietnamese people

The Food

Vietnamese cuisine is inherited from previous generations and continues to evolve with time. We therefore define fullness in dining experiences as innovation that builds upon a respect for traditional flavors to create dishes both authentic and unique

The People

Fullness derives from the thoughtfulness and dedication of our chefs and servers, as well as the positive energy that emanates from the people at Madame Lân

The Space

With an architectural style that evokes both past and present, complemented by an open interior filled with nature, the atmosphere at Madame Lân embodies fullness in a warm and inviting space that brings people together

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